xk3y / 3k3y GEN2 LCD Remote w/ Cable

Price: $27.99


only a couple left in stock


Comes with

  • xk3y / 3k3y LCD Remote GEN2. Now comes with 3x USB ports, it's basically a USB Hub which is perfect for those with multiple hard drives or those who want to use the Wifi Dongle.
  • USB to Micro USB cable
  • AUX power cable for those using portable hard drives.




Policy on the micro USB port:

We do not cover broken USB ports. All units are test by the team before shipping. We have been installing these units for 2 years, NON of the ports are broken out of the box, Zero. The only way to break a port is to plug in the cable the wrong way, or to try to plug it in the correct way, and put up agaisnt the metal casing around it. This is not an android phone that is made by a company worth billions, there is NOTHING behind the port so if you apply pressure on the port in the wrong way it will break and we CANNOT cover it under warranty. By purchasing this product you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.