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Now compatible with 9.0.1 firmware using 2.9+ SX pro firmware! 

After we charge your card there is a 7% cancel fee if you want to cancel. If we don't charge your card of course there is no fee to cancel. Once your item is packed it cannot be canceled. 

The SX OS License is embedded on the SX pro. You will NOT get an email from us with a code. 

Shipping from within the US, not from China like most other resellers.  
  • The ultimate kit for your Nintendo Switch!
  • Includes USB dongle, tool (use once to install OS) and OS software license.
  • Compatible with all regions.
  • Real time game switching.
  • The product comes with NO packing. 


******The SX pro works on software versions 9.0.1 and below. But there is a NEW vesion of the Switch that is not currenty compatible with the SX pro. If you have bought your console after the middle of 2018 please check this guide BEFORE buying. We do not accept returns for incompatible consoles ******


Yes, it is normal for the SX Pro to make a buzz or a high pitched sound while it is plugged in. This is NORMAL! Do NOT use any other cable to charge the device except the one that comes WITH the SX Pro. 


SX PRO now supports USB harddrives!!!

Please use a Y-split cable for more power if your 2.5" portable HDD does not get enough power. 


Lots of info on the TX website


Please find below a brief Q&A that will answers the most commons questions that our technical support has received so far. Xecuter SX OS and products are fully updatable. This is reflected in some of the Q&A below.

We will support this product through the lifetime of the Switch with regular updates that will bring more features, ease of use and functionality to SX OS and the SX hardware product range. But lucky day 1 users will be delighted with the initial software features.

  • Q: Can I update my Nintendo Switch to the latest firmware?
    A: Up to 7.0.1 FIrmware
  • Q: How are game ROMs launched? What format do they need to be in? 
    Games ROMs available right now compatible as-is. 

    Copy the XCI files to the root of your Nintendo Switch microSD card so SX OS will be able to find them.
  • Q: How does the tool (jig) and dongle operate? Are they needed everytime you turn on the console?
    If you don't want to make any (software) modifications to your Switch Console, both the Tool (jig) and dongle are needed every boot.

    SX OS has an optional "AutoRCM" feature that can be installed to your Switch Console such that the jig tool is not needed anymore on boot.
  • Q: How does the AutoRCM feature work?
    The AutoRCM feature makes a tiny modification to your system's on-board storage via software, and from there on you will ONLY need the dongle (and won't have to press the volume key) when booting your console.

    Please note: With the AutoRCM feature installed, your Switch will only boot up with the SX Pro Dongle inserted or by any other USB-C launching method currently available. Once booted, you can always uninstall AutoRCM through SX OS.
  • Q: Is the license for life and updates included? 
    Yes, it is! All updates are free and for the lifetime of your console.
  • Q: Is SX OS tied to my console/dongle? 
    Yes. In case of SX Pro the license is tied to your dongle and console. In case of SX Lite the license is tied to your license code and console.
  • Q: Can we play eshop games? 
    The current version of SX OS only allows to play cartridge based games. But we're working hard to bring game titles that originate from different distribution media to SX OS as well! It is on our list of features to add in upcoming updates.
  • Q: How will SX OS work? 
    The SX OS boot file and licenses can soon be retrieved from our easy to use website that will launch shortly. Simply follow instructions and you will be set up in a few minutes.
  • Q: What do I need if I only buy SX OS? 
    We strongly recommend buying SX Pro for the ease of use and safely streamlined procedure. That being said, SX OS standalone can be launched from Windows using TegraRcmGUI (TegraRcmSmash) or from NXLoader on android (with a USB-otg adapter).

    We offer support & warranty on your devices, please note any issues you face by errors/misuse of other methods will not be covered by our warranty.
  • Q: Will SX Pro work with Switch Linux? 
    We will release a method of (chain)loading Linux using your SX Pro dongle soon.
  • Q: Do we need to use the L/R buttons on the Joy-Con to switch game ROMs?
    We are working on a more user-friendly menu that can be launched from the home menu.

    We already have a working menu prototype that is fully functional but we are still improving it for our audiences.
  • Q: Can SX products run homebrew software as well? 
    The initial release of SX OS will not have support yet for running homebrew software for all firmware versions. Currently only the standard method for installing homebrew is supported, which means limited to the specific firmware version 3.0.0.

    We are in the final stages on adding support for running homebrew software regardless of firmware version and we expect to have this included with one of the first SX OS updates.
  • Q: Can SX products run homebrew software as well?
    The initial release of SX OS will have support for running homebrew software for all firmware versions.

    In the initial release, launching the homebrew menu can be done by starting the photoviewer application while holding the R button on the Joy-Con. A file called "hbmenu.nro" needs to be on the root of the microSD card and a folder "switch" needs to contain all the homebrew applications.
    We will naturally continue to improve homebrew support and easy of use in future update.
  • Q: When you put your Switch into Sleep mode, do I need to insert dongle again upon waking up?
    No, you don't. Just resume playing where you left it :)
  • Q: Is it possible to install Game Updates (and does it requires to be on the latest firmware)?
    Yes, you can install game and system updates. The game updates can be applied following Nintendo's usual rules, which sometimes requires you to be on the latest or a higher firmware than your console's current firmware.
  • Q: If a game runs natively on an OFW x.yy and above, can SX OS run the game even if the console has a lower firmware?
    Currently no. We have added that request to our list of features to look into.
  • Q: Does SX OS supports online gaming?
    SX OS supports playing online. However, we can't guarantee Nintendo is not able to detect you are using SX OS.

    So playing online is at your own risk.
  • Q: Can I buy one SX Pro and one SX OS license separately, and use the dongle and tool with two switches?
    Yes, you can buy additional SX OS Licenses and use one dongle and tool for all your Switch consoles.
  • Q: Which file format does SX OS support? What about split files?
    We support both FAT32 and exFAT. 

    SX OS will also try to look for split files in the form of "filename.xc0" "filename.xc1" "filename.xc2" and so on to support ROMs larger than 4GB on FAT32.
  • Q: Does SX OS support Emunand?
    Currently it doesn't. This is a feature we can add in the future, but it is low in the priority list because of the small interest to the general public. But because Xecuter SX is also used by advanced users, we will add Emunand support at some point.
  • Q: Can I backup my games with SX OS and create my own game ROMs?
    Currently there's no easy way to backup games with SX OS. We will add support for this in an update.
  • Q: Will you allow the use of different payloads?
    We will allow it. Custom payload can be put on the microsd card. Details will follow.
  • Q: How much space is used up on microSD for SX OS?
    Only 16MB. To clarify, our OS will not alter in any way your microSD game & homebrew capacity.
  • Q: Will Switch data such as savegames and updates be shared between the OFW and SX OS? Or are both systems separated? 
    Yes, SX OS and the original Switch OS share savegames and update data.
  • Q: Does SX OS support trimmed XCI files or do they need to remain unaltered? 
    Yes, an app like https://github.com/Destiny1984/XCI-Cutter is supported.
    • Q: Is it possible to play games from a External Harddrive? 
      Does SX allow us to use an external disk using the docking station or USB-C port?
      This is a possibility in the future, we've added it to our to do list. (thanks to all users for making it already a few pages long 
    • Q: Can we expect cheat codes some day? 
      Cheats has always been a priority for our us. And we've already started looking into it.

      It takes a while to make a decent and usable cheat system, your patience will be rewarded!
    • Q: There has been a wave of bans happening lately. Does that confirm we won't be able to play online with SX OS? 
      There have indeed been a number of isolated ban incidents happening lately among some homebrew developers. The exact cause of these bans is not known as of yet.

      But be cautious and use online functionality at your own risk!

The SX Pro once activated is locked to the console. I.e. Once you activated SX OS on that console you cannot transfer it to another console even if your cat poops on your console, you break it, etc etc. You can use the SX Pro to BOOT a console into SXOS, but you cannot unlock all the features of SX OS on more than one console ever. We don't control the database, Team X do.