Xecuter SX OS

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You can activate your SX OS here at the moment as the main TX website is down

But this product is just to get emailed the CODE. You will be emailed the code within less than 24 hours of placing the order. Usually a quicker but we do need to sleep!  Please check your junk mail as well. The code is in the NOTES section of the  'Completed' email we send you. If you don't get an email you can login to the website and check the notes section of the order. 

Orders CANNOT be canceled since this is a digital transaction All sales are final
Codes will only be sent to the email that you order with, make sure your email is 100% correct!

  • Xecuter SX OS software license
  • Compatible with all regions.
  • Compatible with all firmwares.
  • Real time game switching.

An example of what else you need if you are not buying the PRO

  • Android Phone with OTG cable   Or  PC
  • USB C cable
  • Switch RCM jig


If you buy this we cannot convert your order to SX PRO with you paying the difference. You will have to buy an SX PRO


Please note that if you do NOT have the SX PRO you will need another way to launch your console EACH time with a payload. We cannot help you with this. This is for advanced users ONLY.  If you want an all in 1 solution please buy the SX PRO. 



Emailing us right after you order asking for your code actually slows us down. Please be patient to help us be more efficient.