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The Xecuter J-R Programmer v2 is the second incarnation of the JRP from Team Xecuter and boy have they made this model a good one. Firstly they have been able to increase the read and write speeds considerably making the whole NAND read / write process of an RGH install just that much quicker, but this is not the most important improvement. Now if you have been keeping up with all the news the Xecuter CR3 Pro has been released alongside the TX J-R Programmer v2 and it’s a glitch board for the Xbox 360 Slim consoles that utilizes the latest RGH 3 method of glitching, these latest Pro boards really take RGH to the next level tuning wise and to take full advantage of this you will require the latest JRP2. The biggest feature added is the new Rater feature thanks to full post monitoring which we explain in detail further down this page, in short it’s going to help you automate most of the tuning process.

Now in the past the J-R Programmer was kind of aimed to be a cheaper solution than the teams Nand-X which is running Trios code, this has all changed with the Xecuter J-R Programmer v2 and looks like it will become the teams flagship NAND reader / writer tool from here on in. The reason for this is because the CoolRunner 3 Pro range has had some pretty intense new features added which we here at modsupplier.com are pretty excited about such as the RATER feature to help people get the best possible booting times, now this RATER feature required some pretty hefty code changes to be made and because Xecuter were using Trios code on the Nand-X and the source is not released they were not able to have the code changes made to be able to have the Nand-X take advantage of the new features and changes coming with the CR3, so this is where the Xecuter J-R Programmer v2 comes in, since these are an in in-house Xecuter product they are able to make the changes to the core code of the J-R Programmer v2 and add support for the new features found on the Pro range.

So this does mean if you want to use the Pro range of chips on the Xbox 360 Slim Trinity or Corona boards and want to take advantage of this great new RATER tuning feature you are going to have to buy a Xecuter J-R Programmer v2. This isn’t really to bad a thing as the price as always from Xecuter is extremely reasonable and of course these can be used for doing RGH 1 & 2 as well so for those only just getting into the whole RGH thing are a great option and an all in one tool. Now just remember when doing Slim Corona v1 & v3 these tools are used to read and write to the NAND and also the rater tuning feature, but for the Corona 4GB v2 & v4 these are only used for the rater feature and for reading and writing to the NAND you will need to use the Xecuter Corona 4GB R/W kits for that part, so just keep this in mind.

Now we will go into detail a little about the RATER feature that is supported by the TX J-R Programmer v2. Now we all know getting booting times on Slim consoles has been a little bit of a pain, this is where the new RATER feature is going to take a lot of the guess work out and give the best possible results on a console by console basis. The CR3 has a range of different timing settings on the board that can be varied to give different results with booting, now the old way would be to try each one and time the boots and stick with which came up best. Now when connecting the CR3 Pro to the Xecuter J-R programmer v2 via the new Slim Post v2 QSB board and using the J-Runner software timing tuning can be automated. The J-Runner software will test each timing setting for you including resetting the console and will output a score for you to evaluate which are the best timing settings for that console. So in short you get J-Runner to run tests on a few different timing settings and compare the scores and then use the settings that had the highest score which will give you the best possible boot times that console can achieve, pretty much takes all the guess work out and sitting there with a stop watch.