XBOX 360 Slim Lite-On Unlocked DVD PCB Board DG-16D4S FW 9504 0225 0272 0401 1071

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These are OEM 9504  boards ( to be clear they are NOT made by Team Xecutor). They are 3rd party and act in pretty much the same way.


  • Fits all Liteon DG-16D4S Drives.
  • Simply swap out the old board with your new board and you are good to go   
  • Easily programmable using the X360USB PRO or compatible SATA
  • Compatible with:XBOX 360 Slim 9504, 0272, 0225, 0401 and 1071 FW revisions
  • You will need to solder the board wires to the drive, there are no solderless adapter
  • There is no read/write lock on the board, so do not send the lock command if you plan on ever programming the device again. Just leave it unlocked