x360Key Xbox 360 USB Loader (xK3y)


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out of stock - discontinued i dont this we can get anymore stock

 On Special and shipping price has also been reduced. To your door for less than $70 in the US!!!


We are now shipping the new XKEY-R (Reloaded) PCB Revision. It is a little bit smaller but everything else is the same. Also includes longer SATA and POWER cables for better installation on Phat's. Our stock also includes a matching fitted cardboard protection case as well.


Xk3y GEN2 LCD remote is now OPTIONAL. You can save $25 and not get the LCD remote, but we will not offer support if you do not as diagnostics are very difficult, you are basically "working blind" without it. You will also need to activate MenuISO, which is not to be considered safe for Xbox Live, use at your own risk.

Wifi Dongle requires GEN2 LCD Remote as it acts as a USB Hub for the dongle and your storage device.

All of our stock is English and the latest revision. You can add the GEN2 LCD Remote from the drop down menu.


All US customers will get the Xk3y shipped from INSIDE THE US, from the West Coast.  There are no customs issues or delays! That is correct, not from China or CANADA, your stock is inside the US already when it ships and will be in your hands in 2-3 days. We are the only resellers that ships inside the US, don't be fooled by others!


For everyone else outside the USA, your stock will NOT ship from the US and shipping costs are $10 for airmail (slower) and a variable cost for DHL/Fedex. For places like Canada/Mexico/New Zealand DHL shipping is priced competitively at only $19.99 at the moment and stock gets there 2-3 days after we send it.


Comes with:

  • 1x Main Board
  • 1x Micro SD card 
  • 1x SATA Cable
  • 1x Molex Power Cable
  • 1x FFC/USB Dongle
  • 1x Long FFCable
  • Main board protection card ARE NOT shipped anymore. As there have been cutsoms issues in the past with their logo. Please ensure the xk3y is properly insulated before installing. With electrical tape, etc.


Important information:

  • Please have a look at the table below. 
  • If your XBOX 360 DVD Drive model has a green tick, then you choose the normal installation method. 
  • If it has an orange tick, then you need the RGH installation option. The RGH installation option is only needed to get your DVD key and necessary NAND files. Once the DVD Key and files are recovered your XBOX will be restored back to 100% original and stock.    


The x360key is an awesome product that will allow you to emulate your 360 DVD drive. This means you can load Xbox 360 ISO files from an external harddrive, and your xbox will think they are playing from a disc.


Which 360 Consoles are compatible at the moment?

Fat or Slim Console? 360 DVD Drive Type Compatible?
Fat Samsung (All) Yes
Fat Hitachi (All) Yes
Fat BenQ Yes
Fat Liteon (All) Yes
Slim Liteon 9504 (0272)
Slim Liteon 0225 Yes
Slim Liteon 0401


Slim Liteon 1071


Slim Hitachi 0500/0502 NoRGH needed to get key
Slim Liteon 1175 & 1532(16d5s)

NoRGH needed to get key.


Please note that the xk3y does not have key extraction technology. So please only order if you have a way of dumping your original firmware. This is important! Firmware.bin for fat and dummy.bin for Slims. Hitach Slims and Lite-On DG-16D5S drives need the RGH hack to get the keys for the motherboard, as no one has been able to figure out how to get them from the DVD drive, only the motherboard. 



Please note that every single xk3y is hand tested by the team, every single one. Every micro sd card is tested as well. So all xk3ys arrive in a working state. If you do not know how to install the device please do not attempt installation, have us do it! ModChipsDirect will NOT accept returns for broken xk3y afters user errors (this includes customers that pretend that the the ribbon cable connector was broken when they got it). We will also charge a testing fee as well as a shipping fee for xkeys that are returned and found not faulty.