WODE (Wii Optical Drive Emulator) Wii

CODE: wode

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Price: $79.99

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Out of stock forever. Item has been discontinued by the team. The Device was never cloned. So there are no 3rd party versions.


Please note, unlike the picture below - the WODE chip is inside the WODE base. Just open it up with normal screwdriver to retrieve it for installation. It is in there for shipping protection.


All units are tested (SD Card Slot and USB Port)



Shipping from inside the US, to US customers, the ONLY company with US stock!!. Why buy from Canada if you are not from Canada? 1 month warranty? ModChipsDirect gives you 6 months!

We have the latest Wode version 2.0 that has a better screen (not crazy bright at night), and Dual USB plugs at the back to stop issues with 2.5" external HDDs not getting enough power!