Sky3DS - Blue Button Edition



Price: $99.99


out off stock. Discontinued for the new organge button edition


This is the older version of the Sky3DS which needs to to load games using Diskwriter

We have been having requests from some customers to get some in since they are a little cheaper and still work with most files.



Comes with

  • 1 x Sky3DS Blue Button Edition
  • Does not come with sky3ds packaging since it contains copywrite images we cannot distribute it.


You will also need

  • A microSD card
  • A micro SD card reader


Please note that a lot of sellers are still selling the initial batch of normal Sky3DS cards. These cards have a 10 file limit. There is an unofficial way to get past this so the company have now made the device more open and the Blue Button edition officially supports unlimited files. This is the version we are selling.



As with all products, this is a 3rd party device, and Nintendo are always trying to block devices like this. We are not sure if this device can be blocked, but we also will not make any guarantees that it will work with anything but 11.2.0-35 firmware and below. Be sure to turn off updates in your settings (spot pass settings) or just disable wifi and make sure you don't update from a game! Once a new update is out the official website will have info as to if its safe or not.