R4i Gold 3DS Plus


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New product from the R4 Team

Ships from within the US, Michigan, not China like all other sellers! Get it in a couple of days versus 2~4 weeks!


  • Push the switch to the right side, which is marked as “D”. The card works as a normal flashcard, which can support all ds games and all kinds of consoles.
  • Push the switch to the left side, which is marked as “N”. The card works as a normal NTRboot loader, which can boot up SafeB9SInstaller and can support all kinds of 3DS consoles.
  • The boot data is pre-flashed and users do not need to flash it with ntrboot_flasher.firm.
  • This card is completely compatible with R4i Gold RTS, which is released by the same team.


R4i Gold 3DS Plus Package:

1 x R4i Gold 3DS Plus Card.


Instructions here - http://www.r4ids.cn/r4ids-e.htm


Works on

  • DS
  • DS Lite
  • DSi  (works with firmware 1.4.5. and below)
  • DSi XL  (works with firmware 1.4.5 and below)
  • 3DS (works with firmware 11.13.0-45 and below)
  • 3DS XL(works with firmware 11.13.0-45  and below)
  • 2DS (works with firmware 11.13.0-45 and below)
  • NEW 3DS (works with firmware 11.13.0-45  and below)
  • NEW 3DS XL(works with firmware 11.13.0-45 and below)
  • NEW 2DS XL (works with firmware 11.13.0-45  and below)


If there is a firmware that is higher that is out there please message us and ask as we might not have updated the website


*Please note that this is a DS Mode flash card, It might work on the 3DS but it works in backwards compatibility mode, so you can only run NDS content direct from the card*

R4i From http://www.r4ids.cn/