R4i 3DS - R4i Gold 3DS RTS


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Everyone is buying these mainly for NTRboot, so we now have the R4i Plus made by the same team <-- Buy here.  We will not be restocking this SKU as the other is the replacement!

Ships from within the US, Michigan, not China like all other sellers!


Comes with

  • R4i Gold 3DS RTS

Compatible ntrboot




Works on

  • DS
  • DS Lite
  • DSi  (works with firmware 1.4.5. and below)
  • DSi XL  (works with firmware 1.4.5 and below)
  • 3DS (works with firmware 11.6.0-39  and below)
  • 3DS XL(works with firmware 11.6.0-39  and below)
  • 2DS (works with firmware 11.6.0-39 and below)
  • NEW 3DS (works with firmware 11.6.0-39  and below)
  • NEW 3DS XL(works with firmware 11.6.0-39  and below)
  • NEW 2DS XL (works with firmware 11.6.0-39  and below)

*Please note that this is a DS Mode flash card, It might work on the 3DS but it works in backwards compatibility mode, so you can only run NDS content*

R4i From http://www.r4ids.cn/


This is a premium R4 that is able to run wood firmware.

  • Super fast software support / Hardware
  • Super low hardware fail rate
  • Compatible with WOOD firmware



The First Card Supports 3DS
★ Compatible with all DS editions of different kinds of language
★ Supports DSL / DSi / LL / XL
★ Supports Action Replay cheat
★ DLDI auto-patching
★ Support SDHC (Micro SD 4G,8G,16G,32G)
★ 2nd generation storage device (no booting tool required)
★ Flush fitting slot 1 card
★ Uses MicroSD card, FAT16 or 32
★ Supports any MicroSD card speed with no lag in game
★ Supports Clean ROM, drag and drop. Works on any OS
★ Built in NoPass
★ Automatically detect save type
★ Save directly to MicroSD card, not to onboard chip
★ Supports Moonshell and other homebrew.
★ User friendly skinnable interface. Touchscreen or button operation
★ Supports rumble pak and memory pak
★ Supports the WiFi game, DS Rumble Pak, DS Browser
★ Supports changes of the background of Operation Interface
★ Support Skin DIY by setting background and font colors on Main Menu and Game Menu manually and automatically
★ Supports 4-scale-lightness adjustment ( DS Lite only )
★ Supports the Soft Reset.
★ moonshell 2.02 support Software Reset function( Press START key back to the R4 menu