ProgSkeet 1.21 - NAND NOR Reader Writer w/ Injectus

CODE: prog1

Price: $54.99


Sold out, we are not getting anymore in


The price above ($54.99) incudes the compulsary Injectus programmer. You will NOT need to pay an extra $15 for it, the price is $39.99 + $15 which is $49.99! Also includes a FREE Soft QSB ($8 value)


ProgSkeet v1.21 is a PCB layout review of progskeet 1.20.

The design of Progskeet 1.21 is differnt then 1.1 or 1.0. The main board now is very small, it is connected to a slave board with a FCC cable 40 cm that allow to command progskeet without open the device.

The new improvment are:

  • 2 Mbit SPI flash on board to store application data (setting etc)
  • Switch on slave board to manage features (like dual nand selection)
  • LED on slave board for status notification 


Please note, advanced soldering skills are required to attach this device to NANDs/NORs. This is NOT a noob friendly device 


The Injectus programmed IS required to program the device as it ships blank. So it is included as a compulary drop down box. 

Also available is a QUICK solder board to make your instllation 10x easier on certain PS3 models. These models are

  • SUR-001 = CECH-21xxA/B
  • JTP-001 = CECH_25xxA/B
  • JSD-001 = CECH_25xxA/B

Official website is here