We currently take credit card. Visa and Mastercard only.

If you are located in the US, please make sure your card is enabled for international transactions as our merchant account is not located in the US. Some credit cards have a foreign transaction fee. This charge is from your bank, not from us. There is no way for us to control this as each bank is different. If your card has the fee, its usually between 1~3%. Sometimes it appears as a seperate charge, but some card companies clump the 2 charges together.

If you don't have a Visa/Mastercard you can easily buy a prepaid card for use online. Most of these cards are only available for domestic use, please make sure you buy one that ALLOWs international transactions!

Some  Perpaid credit cards charge a small international transaction fee, like 1~3% or something small. If you are preloading it with a custom amount then make sure you take this into consideration.

Best prepaid cards to get are Travel Money cards as they don't have domestic restrictions, like PayPower Travel card - You can find one locally here