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*9.2 firmware support coming soon!*

Works on consoles 4.1 to 4.5 firmware only, However 9.2 support coming soon. A lot of other websites confuse customers by stating the gateway works on 7.0 or have 9.0 support. This is simply not true. The card has a feature called 'EmuNAND' which keeps getting blocked, and they keep on making it work on higher firmware versions. This is what people are getting confused with. We will not give refunds to customers that buy the device without reading the 2 warnings we have listed on this page!

If you are in the USA your order will ship from within the US, not across borders (Canada) or long delays from China! In your hands in 2-3 days!


Now with the amazing OMEGA firmware!


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The Gateway 3DS is the worlds first REAL 3DS flash card. All other cards like the Supercard, R4i etc run on the 3DS but they run in backwards compatibility mode. The Gateway 3DS is the only flash card to actually run in 3DS mode, opening up a world of posibilities to developers and enthusiasts that want to tinker with their console. 

The Gateway does not allow DS homebrew/code to work, nor DSi code, JUST 3DS CODE.  (Actually you do get a normal DS flash card for free as part of the deal, the 'blue card' you can run DS code off this)


  • Development 1: The team have region free working, load content from any region!
  • Development 2: The team have NAND backup working, which means you can backup and restore your NAND through homebrew
  • Development 3: The team have NAND emulation working, which means you can update your 'emulated' NAND to the latest firmware version and use your console online (this feature can be blocked by Nintendo with updates please be careful) This does NOT mean you can use gateway on any firmware, it still only works on a 3DS console that has a firmware on 4.1 to 4.5
  • Development 4: Omega firmware allows so many things including MultiROM support, ROM dumping etc etc, Amazing!


Package comes with

  • 1 x GateWay 3DS White card
  • 1 x GateWay 3DS Blue card (to launch into gateway mode)


  • 8GB Sandisk Micro sd card to get you started for an extra $10


Works with:

  • 3DS
  • 3DS XL (know as 3DS LL in Japan)

---->>> Please read the manual(s) before buying! <<<-----


The Gateway 3DS is currently designed to work with firmware from 4.1 to 4.5. This is not an official product, and it might not be possible for the Gateway team to overcome higher firmware versions then the one listed here. We do not sell the device claming that it will work with any firmware above 4.5 and any future firmwares to come out (even if the team say they are working on it) does not mean that it is possible so do NOT order based on promises on another website. We do not offer refunds if you have an incompatible firmware version.