Terms and conditions.


Can I come and pick up my product?

Sorry, we do not offer item pick up under any circumstances. Yes, even if its your kids birthday present!


You aren't one of those Asia based companies that can't respond to my  emails in English are you?

We are all English speaking, and ship everything from Michigan right here in the US.

What currency are orders displayed in? Rupes, Pesos?

All items default in US Dollars. USD.


How much tax do i have to pay on checkout?

Nothing, we ship from a Tax Free state.


Can you beat other prices?

We usually can if the company is an official reseller of a product and same similar waranty terms as us. Please contact us before buying. We are pretty proactive in making sure we are the cheapest for any comparable company, but if we have missed something, let us know!


How long does it take to send out an order?

Depending on what time your order is placed it usually ships the next buiness day. Generally at the moment we charge credit cards and prepare orders around 10pm Michigan time on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. Orders on Fridays go out on Monday. Shipped from Michigan.

Your order will stay in the order status of 'OPEN' until we charge your card, it will then go into 'PROCESSING' for a short time, and then move to  'COMPLETED'. From here you will get your tracking number within 24 hours. You will recieve an email when you place the order, when it is sent, and 1 more with the tracking. So all up usually 3 emails.

If you where lazy enough to not create an account you can type on the order number on the left hand side. "Track my order(s):" 


What shipment methods do you use?

Please check this page here for shipping info

What payment methods do you use?

Click here for payment options


What is the warranty period for the items you sell, and what is the process if an item is faulty?

This information is on the product page. Most devices have a period of 6 months. If an item is DOA or faulty within the warranty period the user is responsible to return shipping to us. We will pay for shipping back if the item is faulty, if the item is not faulty you will be contacted for funds for the repostage of your item. Please note that if an item is defective we will repair/replace the item. Because of the nature of the product, and the fact that we do not have a physical store and we don't sell second hand stuff we cannot under any circumstances refund you for your purchase. If you do not agree with this please DO NOT BUY from us. I am sure you don't want to receive a 2nd hand product, and we must do this to ensure this!

We cannot replace items that have been tampered with. If an item has a warranty sticker of serial number these cannot be removed, taken off, or scractched off. Doing so will void your warranty. Most of the products that we well are for expert use. Please take them to a professional if you do not think you have the skills to install. If the issue with the item is due to incorrect installation or application of the item we also cannot replace it under warranty.

Are all sales final?

Yes. Once the order is placed, you are giving us the permission to charge your credit card and send out the order. If you email us BEFORE we charge your credit card, we should be able to cancel your order. If you email AFTER it might not be possible. After we charge cards we upload your order into a shipping system and after that the order cannot be canceled on our end.

We do NOT allow exchange/refund for change of min or if the items are not compatible with your system.  If you are unsure about a product ask questions BEFORE buying, NOT after.

Refunds will be given at the discretion of the Company Management