E3 Flasher Limited Edition


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We are now offering the new E3 Limited 2014 kit, which includes a SATA Hard Drive adapter (instead of dock) Don't pay $10 more from other sellers and wait weeks for shipping from Canada or China, order from ModChipsDirect.com and save!


This is the Full kit of 11 or so pieces, Also know as the 'Limited Edition'. It was called the limited version as they where only going to make a limited number of them, however they were so popular the manufacture decided to keep making them.

Warning. This product is not 'hard' to install, but is very easy for you to damage/brick your console. There is no warranty on the clip device itself. You have one shot to get it onto the console. If you apply the clip wrong you will get a bad read, and the pins on the clip will be damaged.

Please note that you have to make sure the clip is perfectly flush with the motherboard before you press it down.   The majority of the issues with this product are due to improper installation of the clip. If the clip is uneven before you press it down, it will slightly bend the pins on the bottom of the clip.

This Ultimate PS3 Downgrade Device - will allow you to downgrade a NOR PS3 to 3.55!  Please make sure your PS3 originally came with 3.55 firmware or lower from factory, otherwise it is not downgradable.

This device is only for consoles with NOR flash, not NAND!