E3 Flasher Without ESata Dock

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  • You will need your own eSata Dock or eSata enclosure with its own power source If you want to use yor HDD while the e3 flasher it in. However you do not need your HDD connected to read/write to the NOR of the Ps3 (jut wait for the  'no HDD connected' message to come up before reading/writing)

This is the smaller kit with just 4 pieces, If you want the limited edition version which has 11 pieces, click here 


Warning. This product is not 'hard' to install, but is very easy for you to stuff up your console. There is no warranty on the clip device. You have 1 shot to get it onto the console. If you apply the clip wrong you will get a bad read, and the pins on the clip will be damaged.

Please note that you have to make sure the clip is perfectly flush with the motherboard before you press it down.   The majority of the issues lie with improper installation of the clip. If the clip is uneven before you press it down, it will slightly bend the pins on the bottom of the clip.

This Ultimate PS3 Downgrade Device - will allow you to downgrade a NOR PS3  to 3.55!  You have to make sure the PS3 originally came with 3.55 firmware or lower from factory.

This device is only for consoles with NOR flash, not NAND 


4 Pieces, comes with:

  • E3 flasher Device with HDD slot
  • E3 flasher Clip
  • Control Board
  • Solder board if you would like to solder some points on the board



Please double check to make sure it works with your PS3 as we will not accept refunds if it is not compatible with your PS3 after it has been installed. if you have a CECH25xxx model you can check if your console came ith 3.55 or below using the minimum version checker.